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Beyond removing pet urine stains and urine smells, Wee Off can be used in a large number of commercial and household applications. The powerful technology used in the Wee Off can help eliminate the most unpleasant smells and stains caused from organic sources such as urine, blood, vomit, bodily fluids, food, wine and coffee. Below is a list of how Wee Off can be used in different applications throughout the workplace and home.

Removal of Aged Care Accidents

Aged care, child care and healthcare facilities have to deal with urinary incontinence every day. Removing urine from bedding, mattresses, carpets, flooring and upholstery can be a big challenge, especially because most urine treatment products only mask the urine smells but are not effective at removing the source of the problem.


Wee Off offers a safe, effective and environmentally friendly solution to this problem. Wee Off’s bio-bacterial formula digests the uric acid crystals whilst removing urea, urochrome and other urine components, eliminating both the stain and the odour FOR GOOD.

Removing urine from carpets is probably one of the most common jobs for professional carpets cleaners. Cleaning a carpet affected with human or pet wee presents a difficult challenge because urine easily penetrates through the carpet and its underlay, spreading on the floor base.


Traditional carpet cleaning products simply clean the surface leaving behind the urine residue that has penetrated whereas the Bacteria in the Wee Off penetrate the carpet and underlay in search for urine, eliminating any urine residue. This makes Wee Off more effective than any other carpet cleaning product.  Wee Off is now the product of choice of many professional carpet cleaners because they have achieved impressive results and guaranteed customers satisfaction.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Hygiene Services & Janitorial Cleanig

In the hygiene and janitorial cleaning industry, urine odour and urine stains are a constant and difficult problem especially around urinals, toilet bowls, surrounding walls and tiles where large amounts of urine residue tend to accumulate.


Removing the urine residue is not easy. In a competitive marketplace, where costs of cleaning products need to be affordable and cleaning time is pivotal for business success, hygiene professionals have had to use chemical cleaners that simply contain a surface cleaning agent that only mask the urine smell temporarily but after a couple of hours the smell comes back. Only a bio-bacterial product like Wee Off™ can completely remove the cause of the smell and eliminate any urine residue, eliminating this constant problem whilst reducing cleaning time.

Many Pubs and Clubs toilets constantly remain in unhygienic conditions. The smell of urine, vomit and other offensive odours petrify and disgust visitors.


The consumption of beer and alcohol not only makes urine smell that much worse but as beer is a diuretic, it makes people visit the bathrooms more often. Alcohol can also affect aim and can cause male patrons to miss the toilet bowl or urinal and spray all over the walls and floors!


Unsuspecting patrons, in contact with urine affected areas may spread this urine (by touching urine affected areas) via their shoes, hands and clothing into other areas of the nightclub and pub. The problem of urine odours and stains can be larger than you think.


The Bacteria contained in the Wee Off digest all the urine compunds, ensuring the nasty smells and stains can't thrive in the bathrooms, creating a better experience for visitors and staff.

Urine odour & stains are not only unhygienic but also very unpleasant for guests and staff. Urine odour can be one of the most offensive smells and can often lead to guest complaints and bad reviews that give a hotel/motel a bad reputation.

Identifying and removing urine and bodily fluids stains can be very difficult, especially because most of these stains are invisible to the naked eye. Most cleaning methods, however efficient they might be, do not guarantee removal of germs, bad bacteria and the cause of the problems.


The friendly bacteria contained in the Wee Off can identify and remove all organic sources of stains and odours in any soft and hard surface so you can avoid bad reviews and keep customers happy.

Most customers would not return to a restaurant if they had a bad experience with the restaurant’s toilet facilities no matter how good the cuisine is. Unhygienic and smelly toilets can ruin even the best of dining experiences.


Unpleasant toilets smells can leave customers feeling lousy and they can be unlikely to come back. The problem is, most standard bathroom cleaning products and deodoriser blocks don’t remove the urine compounds that cause the odours completely. They might be good at masking smells, however, the source of the problem will still be there.


All urine consists of urea, urochrome and uric acid crystals. General cleaners (including chemicals) can remove the water soluble components of urine (urea and urochrome) but will always leave behind the non-soluble uric acid crystals which retain the odour and the stain.


Wee Off works effectively at removing the non-soluble component of urine, eliminating the source of the problem.

Restaurants Urine Smell Treatment
Hotels & Motels Bedding Treatment
Pubs and Clubs Urine Smell Treatment
Vehicles & Transport Industry Urine Removal
Rubbish Bins Odour Removal
Toilets Cleaning & Deodourisation

Household toilets are not an exemption to urine smell problems. Inevitably, urine tends to spread out all over the surface of the toilet bowl causing the toilet to stink. This unpleasant smell can easily spread all over the house.


By cleaninig the toilet bowl and surrounding areas with Wee Off, you will rid your bathrooms off nasty urine smells whilst leaving a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

Kitchen bins, wheelie bins and rubbish bins in general are nest to bad bacteria, germs and organic matter that generate putrid smells.


Cleaning rubbish bins can not only be challenging but also a disgusting activity. With the Wee Off, this can be a little easier.


By simply spraying Wee Off all over the surface every time the bin is emptied, the smells can be under control and the germs, bad bacteria and organic matter residue eliminated.

Just as in any other public toilets, train passengers hate the smell of human urine odour especially when restricted in close quarter carriages, and travelling vast distances. Train station toilets can be just as bad. Not to mention station platforms that can have huge urine issues when regrettably some passengers choose to relieve themselves against the station’s walls!


These unhygienic areas can go untreated for days, which can leave the whole station platform smelling of urine especially in humid and damp conditions.


Cleaning staff try to remove the urine odour and urine stains with a range of cleaning products including chemical cleaners that simply contain a surface cleaning agent, temporarily masking the urine smell but leaving behind the non soluble urine acid crystals that retain the urine odour and stain.


To make sure that vehicles and stations remain clean and sanitary, it is necessary to use a heavy duty product like Wee Off to guarantee urine free environments.