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Start Removing Your Pet’s Unwanted Smells with a Wee Off Starter Pack

September 26, 2014

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Commercial Bathrooms are Better with Wee Off.

January 30, 2015

There are a number of smells which are offensive and include bathrooms, pet messes, food, sweat, blood, etc. Cigarette smoke and pets take top billing, with mildew not far behind. Smoking indoors makes the house smell bad and you may not even notice, at first? Ask someone, who doesn't live there to take a smell and don’t get upset if they tell you the truth. 

Biggest odour challenge 

Bathrooms are definitely most prominent for unpleasant odours. Grimy and smelly bathrooms are an instant turnoff. This is especially true in regards to commercial bathrooms! A foul smelling bathroom in a restaurant for example, can leave a long lasting negative impression on customers. People will remember the bad bathroom odours longer than the good tasting food. 

Home bathrooms are similar, guests will judge a home by the bathrooms. Smelling shower curtains, rugs and towels all smell if not kept clean—not to mention urine odours. And if there are cats around, whether it is a restaurant or a home, people can surely notice the urine smells as soon as they enter the premise. 

Better bathrooms with Wee Off 

Property managers and business owners should do what it takes to eradicate unpleasant odours in publicly accessible bathrooms, so that customers experience a fresh and clean atmosphere. One they will remember positively. Commercial restroom odours have become the number one reason why some people will not return to commercial businesses such as restaurants, shopping malls or coffee shops. Although many business owners use a number of perfumes to cover up unpleasant odours, but that usually doesn’t work. 

A sure smell solution: 

Try Wee Off—a wonderful product that is safe to use around pets and humans? Wee Off is chemical free and does not have any dangerous ingredients, so it does not pose any risk to humans or pets. Wee Off is not only designed to remove fresh or dried urine stains and nasty odours but it is also developed to get out organic matter such as tainted water, blood, coffee/tea, vomit, beer and wine stains as well. 

Just follow the instructions on the back of the bottle and you will rid yourself of the most difficult to remove stains and smells. Wee Off makes a good deodorizer for many applications. For example, by using Wee Off in urinals and toilets you can prevent unpleasant smells from forming, and at the same time you’re freshening-up the public washroom. Customers appreciate a clean commercial bathroom, and they will remember it. 


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