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Start Removing Your Pet’s Unwanted Smells with a Wee Off Starter Pack

September 26, 2014

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Where does that smell come from? Is it the furniture? Here is a solution that works!

December 7, 2014

Have you ever found yourself lounging on your furniture, and then suddenly you smell something bad? When you look around for the source of the bad odor you find the potential suspect, your pet wiggling their tail. Pet odor such as urine on your furniture is no fun at all. Pet odors can come in many forms and from many sources such as urine. 

Male cats and dogs are notorious in this regard, marking their territory like your furniture. Urine smells from cat and dog fur can transfer to carpet or other pieces of furniture that come in contact with them. Fecal traces on fur, a common odor source, can get spread around a family’s home and the smell can be difficult to trace and unpleasant to endure. Bacteria are the real source of bad odor, and removing it is vital to effectively eliminating bad smells from your home.

Another source of bacteria causing smells are outside activities of your pet like rolling on the ground, digging up soil or exploring the garbage bins outside, which are infected with bacteria. And, these bacteria can get picked up on their fur and effectively transferred into your home and onto your furnishings. Or course, natural animal smells are also sources of bad odors.

Although pets are the number one cause of bad odors in the home, we can’t blame them. That’s just the way it is. Are they worth it? Of course they are! But to be fair to our furry friends, humans can cause bad smells too. For example, babies and adults who need care can spill urine in beds, on furniture and carpet. Vomit from babies and adults also cause bacteria to form, and the smell can build up in the home and penetrate furniture and rug fibers. 

Sweat is another natural cause of odors, and can buildup on furniture. You can find other organic odor sources when considering food and drink stain. Old beer stains have a notorious smell. 

What’s the Solution to Bad Odor?

What is the best solution to kill bacteria and eradicate bad odors? The best solution is to use bacteria. What? Use bacteria? Yes, use species of bacteria that eats other species of bacteria. The bacteria of Wee Off odor and stain remover targets and eats organic matter causing bad smells. Wee Off utilizes friendly bacteria which are non toxic to humans and pets, and is chemical free. 

You can buy the Wee Off Bio Bacterial Technology from an Australian owned and operated company by visiting: 


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