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Start Removing Your Pet’s Unwanted Smells with a Wee Off Starter Pack

September 26, 2014

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Did your precious little one have a slip? Remove stains and odors like this!

December 4, 2014


Cats and dogs are integral parts of Australian homes, but at times their habits can be a little nasty, even after the potty training stages pet accidents still occur. Cleaning up after your pet is definitely not the most exciting thing to look forward to, although there are many accessories and devices available in the market today to help you clean up; it’s the stains and foul odor that causes most of the problems for pet owners. What’s your trusted way to remove organic stains and odors? Do you still use the classic vinegar solution, but find it doesn't completely remove urine odor? Why is that? Because urine stains are caused by the organic material that vinegar doesn't remove. 

Bio-bacterial technology has made a cleaning solution that is a powerful organic stain remover that can deal with visible patches, discoloration and even organic odors. Such sprays, creams and gels are specially developed to combat organic matter without harming the surface.

Handy Solution

For households where pet accidents are common, you need a handy solution that does not need to be prepared every time your puppy makes a puddle. Sprays bottles like Wee Off removes stains instantly and make that unpleasant odor go away before it can affect the other parts of your home like the living room or bedroom. In just seconds, you can even deal with spillage from wine, coffee, tea, juice and other organic stains. Actually, the solution crystals in Wee Off have been designed to deal with the components of urea, urine, acid and other organic materials effectively, which effectively washes away the odor.

Surface Protection

Most of the households today have amazing interiors from wooden flooring to expensive carpets. Obviously pets such as puppies and kittens do not understand that, and you need to remove organic stains from such places without damaging the surfaces. Different materials call for different types of cleaners to clean and protect the surface. Wee Off removes stains without harming wood flooring, tiles, carpet or upholstery; it is truly designed for multi-surface usage. All you have to do is spray it on the surface after cleaning up your pet’s mess. It’s that simple and effective. So, if your precious little one has a slip, maybe from too much excitement, you can rest assure that Wee Off can effectively remove organic stains and odors like no others cleaner. 


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