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Start Removing Your Pet’s Unwanted Smells with a Wee Off Starter Pack

September 26, 2014

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How to remove pet odour from your flat

October 16, 2014

Urine stains for any pet owner is inevitable thus happen some or other time even with exceptionally well trained pets. These stains pose a number of problems to any owner and if not treated correctly can leave a long lasting smells. There are also factors such as a pet’s age, diet, health, sex as well as procreative cycle that could in fact add to the problem. Pet odours and stains have and will always be a challenge to any pet owner although there are ways to remove these odours in addition to the stains.

Pets do become such an important part of most people’s lives and odours are a great challenge to most but not a hopeless cause. Your pet’s urine does not only leave a smell but can also be the cause of damage to carpets, wooden floors and furnishings therefore it has to be dealt with immediately. That however is not always possible as some stains are only noticed some time after the accident has happened. Moisture left unattended weakens glues used in carpets and other furniture but also leaves a distinct odour that will likely cause the animal to use that spot again.

There are so many products available on the market today that one would think it’s not a problem as one could run down to the supermarket and grab whatever is on the shelve. However most of these do not combat the stain or odour but only masks it for a time. Humidity or a spill could re-introduce the smell to the room leaving your pet tempted to re-mark the spot. Getting the odour out usually requires a person to remove the stain as well. That does not mean u will need to replace the carpet, curtain, sofa or even the flooring of your flat or home.

If you have a stink problem in your home and you have a pet or pets then it is most likely that one of them had a slip but not to worry as these do happen to most of us. Now then, one could either get rid of the pet or get a proper stain and odour removal product. I am sure that no-one wants to give up the beloved family pet just because of a small smelly problem as there are ways to get it out. Some pets have health problems that might contribute to their slips happening in your flat or home. Although if you have just moved into a new place and notice your pet leaving splashes all over the place, you can rest assured it that it can be fixed, but also know that it was not properly treated by the previous residents. 

Everyday cleaning solutions are not enough to remove the odour or stain meaning you will eventually have to replace the area of concern if not treated correctly. Your odour problem can easily be solved though and you do not even have to search far and wide as the solution to your problem can be found here, so have a look now. You might even be surprised at how effective this product is as it also removes and bacteria forming due to the stain.


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