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Start Removing Your Pet’s Unwanted Smells with a Wee Off Starter Pack

September 26, 2014

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Love your pets but hate the smell they leave behind?

October 9, 2014

The most likely culprit is territory marking with any animal as they stain what they feel is there’s to let other animals know where their boundaries are. One thing all pet owners must always remember is that your pet will never leave their mark out of jealousy or spite they are after all not human, only people do petty things to spite others! When you bring something new or even someone new into your home, a pet becomes stressed and thus the need develops to mark territory.


Making of new furniture is common, doors, bags, etc. in addition your pet might also feel the need to leave a smell as a warning. This means if your pet urinates on a friends bag, shoes or where they may have sat or slept he/she is only saying “Hey, this is my house and my family” it is not to portray his/her feelings towards someone. Both male and female pets can be territorial and accordingly leave their mark.


Your pet is laying claim on territory as well as informing who he sees as an intruders that he is there!


Pets can distinguish animal type, gender, age along with rank within packs through pheromones that are found within their urine. There is however also diseases that can be the cause of your pet acting inappropriate and you ought to consult with a vet to determine if this might be the case. Proper house-training may well be lacking which most probably will also cause your pet to leave his/her mark occasionally. If a pet is closed up for longer than possible to keep it in, they will naturally let it go.


Your pet is playing his part by creating something to do or needing your attention!


When dogs are considered one should remember they were mainly bred for a specific purpose in working environments, thus his/her instincts are telling them they need to perform. What better ways to keep one-self busy working than marking everything with a little wee-wee here and a little wee-wee there.


Punishing a pet does not make any point as they are not sure why they are being punished. You will be required to re-enforce the leadership role and house training. Try more regular walks outside on a leash and make sure your pet understands that you are the pack leader.


You will also need to get the odour out completely unless you want him/her to use that spot regularly. Using odour eliminating cleaning solutions on floors, doors, beds, carpets and most surfaces will aid in your solutions. Some chemicals will leave a new smell that might compel your pet to mark that spot again so it is recommended to use a cleaner that works first time leaving no new odour.


So instead of grabbing just any product off the shelves at your supermarket give Wee Off a try as you will not be disappointed. This revolutionary product can eradicate the smells allowing you to just love your pet as it should be. Visit for additional information and get rid of those scents today.


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