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Removing Pet Urine Stains and Odour

All pets have an instinctual nature to relieve themselves whenever the urge takes place. As a result, pet owners around the world are faced with the problem of effectively cleaning the affected area to not only remove the smell, but also remove the underlying root problem.


Most products on the market are claiming they can solve these problems, but the reality is that they just mask the smell and after a couple of days you will notice it again. 


With Wee Off, this is not a problem anymore. Use Wee Off to remove urine from carpets, fabrics, artificial grass, walls, kennels and many other surfaces.


By following the steps below you will rid yourself of even the toughest stains and smells.

  • Shake Wee Off a couple of times - do not dilute, it is ready to use.

  • Pickup solids and wipe up as much excess liquid as you can.

  • Dampen the offending area with cold water.

  • Spray Wee Off on the offending area.

  • Air dry. Do not rub or scrub. The bacteria does not like disturbances.

  • Once it is dry, vacuum or wipe to remove any residual matter.


Couple things to remember:

  • Wee Off works really well in old stain, but repeated applications may be required.



Wee Off can be also used to remove any other bodily fluids such as vomit, blood and poo stains.