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Our innovative technology consists of billions of specifically selected bacteria that target and digest organic matter eliminating the source of cleaning problems rather than masking them. This process guarantees a natural way to treat common cleaning problems with no need for harsh chemicals cleaners, making cleaning practices simpler and greener.


The bacteria used in our products contain different strains of bacillus bacteria capable of producing enzymes, resulting in extremely powerful biological products which break down and digest the source of the problems. Our bacteria are capable of multiplying every 15minutes, increasing their population while creating and releasing enzymes and bio-surfactants that work effectively on organic sources taking all the hard work out of cleaning.

Our product range is the result of years of research & development efforts and years of expertise solving cleaning problems. Most of our products are up to 100 times more effective than conventional chemical based cleaners, offering significant savings.


The difference between our products and other comparable products is that ours use naturally occurring friendly bacteria selected to target and digest organic waste. Our products ensure odour decomposition occurs rather than simply masking the smells. Our products are biodegradable and 100% chemical free which guarantees that no harmful chemicals are transferred into our ecosystem through the waterways and disposal systems while making a positive impact on the environment.

We believe that we have to support our own so that the profits and jobs stay in Australia.


Most of our materials and ingredients such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, labels, machinery and ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. This is why when you purchase a product from Bio Natural Solutions you are supporting many Australian Owned and Made companies.

Our products are environmentally preferable products by means that have a reduced effect on human & animal health and the environment compared with competing products. We avoid the use of hazardous ingredients in order to minimize the exposure to toxic chemicals that affect our health and are pet safe.


Any actions taken to reduce negative impacts on the environment help. It is possible to achieve a more sustainable future.

About Us

Wee Off is manufactured by Bio Natural Solutions, an Australian Owned & Operated Company dedicated to manufacturing and supplying highly innovative and revolutionary cleaning products and water treatment solutions based on Bio-Bacterial Technology. Bio Natural Solutions was stablished in 2008 with a vision to provide its customer with solutions for cleaning problems through innovation.

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