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Wee Off is a natural and revolutionary way of removing stains and odour from most soft and hard surfaces such as carpet, mattresses, fabrics, wood, tiles and artificial grass. Wee Off contains billions of friendly bacteria that target and digest any organic matter such as human urine, pet urine, vomit, blood, wine, coffee and food, eliminating the source of the problem rather than masking it. 





Wee Off is the best choice for all your urine removal needs and it removes human urine and pet urine. Unlike other products in the market, Wee Off contains friendly bacteria which digest all the components of urine (uric salt and ammonia), permanently eliminating nasty urine smells and removing urine stains.

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Cleaning dog urine or cat urine is one of the most common cleaning problems in households with pets. While your pet can be trained, accidents happen, and when they do, you'll need to deal with it. Wee Off makes this easy!


How: Wee Off's powerful technology targets the cause of the stains and smell (not talking about your lovely pet) and then eliminates it. Simply, the bacteria in the Wee Off produce Enzymes that target and break down the most difficult to eliminate urine components... then BOOM, the bacteria in the Wee Off digest it, guaranteeing a urine free environment.


You can use Wee Off to remove urine from carpets, fabrics, artificial grass, kennels and many other surfaces. Wee Off can be also used to remove any other bodily fluids such as vomit, blood and poo stains... Yuck!



Humans with urinary incontinence or other health issues often experience accidents out of their control. This is most predominant in aged care, child care and healthcare facilities, which as part of their job have to deal with urine accidents every day. Removing urine from bedding, mattresses, carpets, flooring and upholstery can be a big challenge, especially because most urine treatment products only mask the urine smells but are not effective at removing the source of the problem on top of damaging the surfaces in most cases.


Wee Off offers a safe, effective and environmentally friendly solution to this problem. Wee Off’s bio-bacterial formula digests the uric acid crystals, urea and other urine components, eliminating both the stain and the odour FOR GOOD.



Wee Off is not only effective at removing urine stains but it is also very effective at removing stains and smells from vomit, faeces, blood, wine, coffee, food, milk, sauce, etc. 


Wee Off contains Bio-Bacterial Technology capable of removing any organic matter which makes Wee Off the most powerful and effective stain and odour remover on the market. The fast acting bacteria will penetrate even the most hard surfaces to source out and digest the culprit of the stain and odour.



Removing urine from carpets is probably one of the most common jobs for professional carpets cleaners. Cleaning carpets rugs affected with wee is often a difficult challenge, especially when it comes to pet urine. This is because urine easily penetrates through the fabric and its underlay, spreading on the floor base, then crystallising, thus creating stains and smells.

Chemical and Enzyme based carpet cleaning products are not as effective at removing urine because they simply clean the surface, leaving behind the urine residue that penetrated all the way to the floor base. The Bacteria in the Wee Off penetrate the carpet and underlay in search for urine (they go munching on it) , eliminating any urine residue. This makes Wee Off more effective than any other carpet cleaning product. 


Wee Off is the product of choice of many professional carpet cleaners and pet owners.



Artificial grass is proving to be one of the most difficult to clean surfaces. For many households, especially those with pets, artificial grass smells are a hard to fight battle. However, this battle is won when using Wee Off. Best of all, it is so simple to use. Simply wet the area (or do it after a bit of rain) and they lightly spray the surface... that's it, let it dry.


We have developed a complete kit to help you in the process of eliminating any odours from artificial grass. We have kits for small and large areas which contain all the necessary tools to get rid of unpleasant odours from artificial and synthetic grass.


Our innovative technology consists of billions of specifically selected bacteria that target and digest organic matter eliminating the source of cleaning problems rather than masking them. This process guarantees a natural way to treat common cleaning problems with no need for harsh chemicals cleaners, making cleaning practices simpler and greener.


The bacteria used in our products contain different strains of bacillus bacteria capable of producing enzymes, resulting in extremely powerful biological products which break down and digest the source of the problems. Our bacteria are capable of multiplying every 15 minutes, increasing their population whilst creating and releasing enzymes and bio-surfactants that work effectively on organic sources taking all the hard work out of cleaning.



Wee Off works by releasing fast acting bacteria that penetrate most hard and soft surfaces to source out the culprit of stains and odour. The bacteria used in Wee Off contain different strains of bacillus bacteria capable of producing enzymes, resulting in an extremely powerful biological product which breaks down and digests the source of the stains and odour.


The friendly bacteria contained in Wee Off produce Enzymes formulated to degrade and eliminate all components of urine such as urea, uric salt and uric acid crystals whilst leaving a fresh fragrance. Our friendly bacteria are capable of multiplying every 15 minutes whilst creating and releasing enzymes and bio-surfactants that work effectively on organic sources taking all the hard work out of cleaning. This guarantees that both the urine stains and the urine odour are eliminated.


The Bacteria in the Wee Off can effectively penetrate most hard and soft surfaces included but not limited to: